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Expansion Joint

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Parameters and character


Product Brief

The axial type internal pressure compensator (expansion joint) is composed of a bellows and structure. It absorbs the axial displacement and a small amount of lateral and angular displacement of the pipeline through the flexible deformation of the bellows. The two ends of the connecting pipe are directly welded with the pipeline connecting pipe or the welding flange is connected with the pipeline flange. The small tie rod on the compensator can be used as the rigid support in the transportation process or as the product and deformation adjustment, and can not be used as the force tie rod to balance the pressure and thrust. This kind of structure is simple and the cost is low, so where the pipeline is available, it should be considered first.

The axial metal bellows expansion joint produced by our company adopts American EJMA standard optimization design. The products meet the domestic market demand and are exported to 22 foreign countries. It is widely used in aerospace, navigation, petrochemical, smelting, power plant, information industry, industrial equipment manufacturing and the connection of engineering pipeline system, effectively ensuring the high safety performance of pressure pipeline in the transportation of various harmful, toxic, flammable and explosive media, avoiding the environmental pollution caused by leakage pollution, such as Ocean, sky, factory, etc. Its products are characterized by high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and wear resistance.


Flat flange connection of axial inward pressure bellows expansion joint: any type of flange can be applied to the metal bellows expansion joint for bolt connection to the pipeline system. Forged steel and flat flange can match the pressure and temperature grades of 2.5MPa to 5.0mpa, and the diameter standard can be from 15mm to 5000mm. Special flange, such as loop flange or angle flange, can be from 300 mm to 1800 mm. Flange of any size can be customized.

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