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Flexible Metal Hose

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Parameters and character


    The stainless steel metal hose is installed in the liquid transportation system as a kind of flexible pressure resistant pipe fitting to compensate the mutual displacement of the connecting end of the pipeline or machine and equipment, absorb the vibration energy, and play the role of vibration reduction and noise reduction. It has many advantages, such as good flexibility, light weight, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high and low temperature resistance. The metal hose has good burnability, temperature resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for conveying steam, water, oil, various industrial gases, drugs and other media. It plays an important role in the movement, thermal expansion absorption and vibration absorption of piping system. Model length and connection mode: according to user requirements.

    The stainless steel metal hose is made of imported SUS304 (0Cr18Ni9) SUS316 (0Cr17Ni12Mo2) and SUS316L (00Cr17Ni14Mo2) materials. Among them, stainless steel wire braided hose, metal corrugated pipe for fluid transmission, stainless steel pump vibration damping hose, stainless steel fire hose, stainless steel corrugated compensator, gas machinery stainless steel corrugated pipe. The product has the advantages of good flexibility, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high and low temperature resistance, shock absorption and noise reduction, strong sealing, long service life, etc.

    Five key points of stainless steel metal hose selection:

    1. Size: nominal diameter of hose, selection of joint type (mainly flange connection, screw connection, quick joint connection), size of metal hose, hose length.

    2. According to the actual working pressure of the hose, check the nominal diameter and pressure gauge of the corrugated metal hose, and decide whether to use the stainless steel mesh type metal hose.

    3. The chemical properties of the medium conveyed in the medium hose determine the material of each part of the hose according to the corrosion resistance of the hose material.

    4、 Temperature: the working temperature and range of the medium in the hose; the ambient temperature when the hose is working. In case of high temperature, the pressure after temperature correction shall be determined according to the working pressure and temperature correction coefficient of metal hose under high temperature to determine the correct pressure grade.

    5. According to the condition of the hose in use, referring to the correct use and installation method of the metal hose and the optimal length of the hose in settlement compensation, the length calculation of various motion states of the hose, the minimum bending times and the minimum bending radius of the hose and other factors, the length of the hose is correctly selected and installed.

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